Sherrod Brown: Helping Ohio's working families


Sherrod knows that tax reform must focus on helping working families. That’s why when he met with President Trump, he gave him two pieces of legislation: The Working Families Tax Relief Act  (which would help struggling workers) and The Patriot Employers Tax Credit (which would help bring jobs home from overseas). The President was open to Sherrod’s pitch that tax reform must help working families; only time will tell if his tax reform plan follows Sherrod’s lead and actually boosts the middle class. Calling it a promising first step, Sherrod also praised the new, bipartisan healthcare package. It would help stabilize the health care markets and slow down rising premiums.

Sherrod also reached across the aisle for a new bill that will safeguard Ohio jobs. Working with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the United States Foreign Investment Review Act will make sure that foreign investments don’t hurt American industry.

So now let's see what happens ... (our suggestion: don't hold your breath).