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Justice for Our Sisters - Domestic Violence Forum

Justice For Our Sisters Forum #2: Next Steps

The second forum for Justice For Our Sisters will target coming up with solutions and will be a working session for attendees.
Our first forum was quite successful as we touched on the heart of those who are going through or have survived domestic violence and abusive relationships. The goals of Sister2Sister are to not only seek justice for our fallen sisters, but to primarily serve as a preventative area for those involved in unhealthy relationships. Our goal: get to the root of the situation and come up with measures of healing.

This forum will cover the following areas:

  • Law and Order: How to navigate and use all levels of the legal system effectively to ensure protection and prevention of future physical acts of violence.

  • Resources and Assistance: Learn about the many community resources and organizations available to victims and their families, including access to mental and physical health services.

  • Community Engagement: How can we as a community help to stop domestic violence and abuse? What are the warning signs of a potential domestic abuse situation? How can we help those who are in it, get out of it?

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