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Meeting of Cleveland East Move to Amend

At the Shaker Heights Main Library (Lee Road and Van Aken Blvd).

Our local chapter of National Move to Amend has launched the exciting next step of our campaign to: 1) Get the corrupting effect of BIG MONEY out of politics; 2) Limit the “inalienable human rights” increasingly extended to corporations. 

Step one was passing ballot Issue 95 in November, 2016 (by 82%!!), which put Shaker Heights on record declaring that “Money is not speech” and “Corporations are not people entitled to human rights.”  Now the next phase begins: to codify these important democratic principles in a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — and we need your help and engagement to achieve this ambitious but essential goal.

Questions? Call Kathy Hazelton at 216-224-4945 or email Bruce Ente at