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Plastic Bag Pollution + Fee: A Community Conversation

The Bottlehouse Brewery, Lakewood, 13368 Madison Ave, Lakewood OH 44107

Hosted by Erik F. Meinhardt

Join County Councilwoman Sunny M Simon, Chair of the Education, Environment & Sustainability Committee and sponsor of Ordinance O2017-0006 for a community conversation. This ordinance will enact a 10-cent carryout bag fee to offset costs of environmental remediation due to plastic bag pollution and will encourage Cuyahoga County residents to use reusable bags when they shop. We will learn more about the reasons for this important ordinance and what it will do once enacted. Then we'll find out how we can help support our County Council for standing up for our environment and Lake Erie by writing letters of support.

Facts:   Plastic production and consumption has resulted in environmental contamination, particularly of our waterways and lakes. These materials are often used only for a short period of time, but result in permanent damage to our environment and due to their non-biodegradable nature. Microplastics contamination resulting from polymer degradation and can have harmful effects on wildlife and even human health as they enter our food system. Plastic/paper bag pollution costs YOU money because taxpayer dollars are expended on the cleanup of our environment and communities.

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