SARAH MEGENHARDT, Candidate for Shaker Heights City Council

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Educational Background
B.A. in psychology
Work towards Master of Arts, psychology


Occupation / Employment / Qualifications
A proud Shaker Heights resident for over 15 years, Sarah Garver Megenhardt has spent her career building and running non-profit organizations. She most recently served as a founding board member of Babies Need Boxes Ohio with four other dedicated Shaker moms. She served as the Executive Director of The Community Hiring Hall and as the co-interim Executive Director of “Hard Hatted Women”.   Having spent time as a consultant with Lorain Community College’s Department of Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, Sarah has much experience putting her innovative problem solving skills to good use. Most recently, she was the Communications Director at First Unitarian Church in Shaker. Sarah has prioritized advocating for issues of economic justice, increasing community dialogue and quality programs, as well as helping promote Shaker Heights’ values.

When I am elected, I will get to work creating a more vibrant economy in Shaker Heights, forging ahead with new sustainability measures, and working for a stronger and more equitable city. I believe that local community involvement is the first step in impacting effective change. Together we will build bridges between the many communities that exist in Shaker.  I understand that we all want Shaker to grow. We want our community to prosper. We want to preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren. We believe diversity of all kinds makes us stronger. Shaker is much like a large, round, dining room table. We come together to share in what nourishes us. We care for the world around us; we believe in civic and community engagement; we long for harmony in the world around us. We are also diverse. We come from near and far. We are business men and women, musicians, artists, doctors and lawyers, teachers and professors, philosophers and scientists, stay-at-home mothers and fathers. We may not always agree on how to achieve our goals, but we all want the same thing. We want Shaker to grow ever stronger. We want our community to prosper. We want to preserve the environment, and we want to move our city ever forward, never longing for the good old days, for they never really existed. We know that the best days are those we create with intention, founded on facts and rooted in love.