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LISA CREMER, Candidate for Shaker Hts Board of Education

(ineligible for Club endorsement/not a registered Democrat)

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Educational Background
Princeton University: Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2004
Boston University: Master’s Degree in Social Work, 2008
Boston University: Master’s Degree in Public Health, 2009

Occupation / Employment
Mother of three children ages 3, 5, and 7
● Vice President of Educational Enrichment and Room Representative Coordinator, Lomond PTO, Shaker Heights, OH, 2014-present
● Member of Science Advisory Committee for Shaker Heights City School District
● Board member and treasurer for Cleveland Clinic House Staff Spouse’s Association 2012-2016, Cleveland, OH
● Founding member and coordinator of Navajo Families Together, a support group for families living in extreme poverty with a focus on education, public health and risk reduction on the Navajo Nation, Chinle, AZ, 2010-2012
● Research Coordinator for Zuni Pueblo Mental Health Utilization and Disparity research study in Zuni, NM as part of MPh practicum, Boston, MA, 2008-2009
● Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroscience Department on Identifying Brain Biomarkers to Predict Autism, Boston, MA, 2005-2007
● Research Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital Cardiology Department Zebrafish research lab on Atrial Fibrillation, Boston, MA, 2004-2005
● Instructional assistant, Eden Autism Institute, Princeton, NJ, 2002-2004
● Instructional aide in autism classroom, Riverside Elementary School, Princeton, NJ, 2001-2002

I bring three valuable and unique attributes and experiences to the Board of:

(1) A background in science, research, public health, education, and social work
My educational background and professional and volunteer experiences have given me a unique lens from which to identify issues that affect individuals and groups as well as to develop programs that are research-based to improve the living and learning environments for others. Furthermore, as a female scientist myself, I can be a role model who will help engage young women in science. Additionally, I have experience writing and working with federal institutions to secure grant funding that can be useful in seeking alternative funding sources for our schools. As a researcher and social worker, I have worked with individuals living in extreme poverty, with those who fall in the middle, and with some of the smartest people in the country. I can navigate the differences in socioeconomic status, education, and ability through my diverse array of life experiences and can use my community building skills to work together and engage the community in the education of our students. I can advocate for each and every student because I understand that we must provide appropriate educational opportunities for every child in order to thrive as a district.

(2) Elementary aged and younger children
I am not only deeply invested in the long term success of our schools for my own children but also for our entire community. I can be the person on the board who can easily build relationships with and represent young families because of our shared experiences. The earlier we get families invested in the community and the schools, the more likely they are to use the schools, and I can make those connections.

(3) a presence in the Southern neighborhoods of Shaker Heights (Lomond, Sussex, Moreland)
As a resident of the Lomond neighborhood, I can be a voice for families that have not had strong representation on the board. I also have first hand understanding of some of the concerns that residents in this part of the city have, and I am well-positioned to work with different stakeholders to increase engagement, one of the most important factors in a child’s success in school. We are a stronger community (and society) when we commit to being inclusive and recognizing the many voices that comprise Shaker.

I want our schools to provide every child with access to an excellent education. From the children who come to school from a chaotic home environment to those who fall in the middle to those with special needs to our brightest and highest achievers, we must continue to focus on providing a wide range of high quality educational experiences for ALL CHILDREN.

I want to see our board be proactive so that our community is united in its support of the school district. That starts with making sure that relevant stakeholders are aware of, and if appropriate, involved in, the decision-making. It also includes developing strategies that anticipate potential concerns and that communicate clear and honest information.

I want to recognize and capitalize on the passion that Shaker residents have for our schools. To do so, we need to continue working on ways to connect with community members and community organizations. We have such a wealth of experiences and talents within our community and we need to continue to find ways to take advantage of what is right in front of us. Along these lines, I would like to develop strong partnerships between the board of education and other community agencies so that we can all work together for the good of the community. Coordinating our efforts will be more efficient, and it will also better serve our entire community.

As a member of the school board, I am determined to ask hard questions, work tirelessly, build relationships, and advocate for procedures and policies that will focus on excellent teaching and learning, the hallmarks of a successful school district.