ALEX LISTON DYKEMA,  Candidate for Shaker Hts Board of Education

Campaign Web Site: www.alexforshaker.com

Educational Background:
Lewis and Clark Law School (JD cum laude),
Brown University (BA with honors in Environmental Studies)

Occupation / Employment
Attorney and non-profit organizational consultant

I have served on the Board of Education for 4 years and am currently Board President. As part of this role I serve on the School Board’s Finance and Audit Committee and the Mayor’s Financial Task Force as well as the Board’s Policy Committee and prior work on the Facilities Committee. During my time on the School Board I have found that my background as an attorney and my experiences working with non-profits to strengthen their organizational structures have been important assets in addressing the issues that come before the Board. Additionally, my experiences as a parent, a PTO volunteer, former Chair of the PTO Special Education Committee, and as a baseball and soccer coach have strengthened my understanding of our broad community. With two members  leaving the Board and at least two fresh voices joining, I believe my experience as a Board member and in the community will help move us forward in an effective, collaborative and efficient manner.

I believe that the success of our schools is critical not only to our students but to our community as a whole. Our District offers a remarkable breadth of educational opportunities and I believe that the integration of the International Baccalaureate program and the many positive changes over the last four years will strengthen us moving forward. I also believe we have significant work still to do: we need to continue to remove barriers to success within our schools so that all students can reach their potential and their goals, we need to provide supports for both our students and our staff so they have the tools they need to succeed, we need to continue our community discussion about our facilities and how they can best serve our students, we need to focus on effective communication with all of our stakeholders to build support and understanding, and we need to work with the Schools Foundation along with the City and Library to broaden our financial resources and tools to help address the existing tax levels.