Our Mission

WhAT We're About

The Shaker Dems believe in working together to fight for Democratic values and policies. In the wake of 2016 elections, many Shaker Democrats and community members have recognized just how critical it is to be active and involved in helping Democratic candidates win elections.

The Shaker Dems know that when we all pull together, our hard work pays off. To achieve success at the state, county and local levels, we must remain a vibrant, active club, and expand our membership and influence.

We are a non-profit organization committed to engaging Democrats and Independents who reside within Shaker Heights, Ohio and its school district. We discuss, debate and support local, state and national candidates and issues. We also support the Shaker Heights community and its youth by fostering greater awareness of, and interest in, political issues.

We are focusing on building community leaders and revitalizing neighborhood team networks who will work together to promote Democratic priorities and values.

Who We Are


  • Mitch Cronig

  • Timeka Rashid

  • Susan Reis

  • Helen Sheehan

  • Katie Wozniak

  • Sean Malone

  • Howard Weisbrot

  • Larry Friedman

  • BJ Tucker

  • Anne Williams

  • John Lawson

  • Gloria Nance




How We Work

The Shaker Heights Democratic Club is led by an elected Board of Trustees and is governed by our constitution and our by-laws. We operate our club in a professional manner so our meetings and events will be effective and efficient. Our goals are to:

  • Elect Democratic candidates who demonstrate leadership

  • Support Democratic issues that enhance our community

  • Build on our relationship with our Democratic Precinct Committee Persons so that grassroots Democrats will have a strong voice in our Party

Requirements for Participation in Club Endorsement Votes:

  • Eligibility: Any person over the age of eighteen who is a resident of the city of Shaker Heights or a resident of the Shaker Heights City School District outside of the city of Shaker Heights, who: (a) is a registered Democrat or Independent voter; (b) supports the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Ohio; and (c) is in agreement with the above-stated purposes of this Club, shall become a voting member upon payment of dues.

  • Payment of Dues: Only those members whose dues have been received by the Treasurer or the Financial Secretary at least seventy-two (72) hours before the endorsement meeting shall be eligible to vote on any endorsements.